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Meet the NCNW Brevard Section
Executive Board 2022-2024

Shanel Crusoe, President

Shamika Chamberlin, 1st Vice President

Treasurer - Stacy Cameron, Treasurer

Financial Secretary - Latisha Cooper, Financial Secretary

Kiandra Burruss, Corresponding Secretary

Meet NCNW Brevard: Who We Are
Meet NCNW Brevard: Meet the Team

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our 2022-2024 Executive Board is the backbone of The National Council of Negro Women, Inc Brevard County FL Section. Their ideas and work help to shape the direction and mission of our section as it continues to develop.


On March 27, 2020 the Brevard County Section of NCNW was issued their bona fide charter.

Our mission is to keep Dr. Bethune’s vision lifted in Brevard. Our Section provides a positive, uplifting, and supportive network of sisters (and brothers) who share a passion for NCNW’s mission.

The 43 chartering members are:

Marcia Bentley, Kiwanda Brown, Dezondria Broxsie, Thelma Bryan, Nikkita Bryant, Stacy Cameron, Shamika Chamberlin, Alexus Claude-Williams, Vanessa Collins Sanz, Shanel Crusoe, Morgan Culler, Sonja Cummings, Etonia Curry, Gloria Daniels, Barbara Davis, Khalilah Escarela, Mariluz Figueroa, Gerry Hadley, Linda Hadley, Tabitha Hadley, Lori Hickman, Dianne Jackson, Lorraine John, Eula Johnson, Kathryn Jones, Kiandra Jones, Maugeritte Jones, Taryn Knight, Kashea Lassiter, Ellena Little, Diane Moore, Janet Nelson, Ursala Norris, Tawane Owens, Linda Prevalon, Keyta Price, Lauren Price, Phalecia Sanders, Lori Snell, Deborah Walcott, Cinderella Washington, Natasha Willis, Andrea Windley-Scott

Meet NCNW Brevard: Welcome

NCNW Brevard Section Members       

Marcia Bentley, Kindra Burruss, Stacy Cameron, Shamika Chamberlin, Latira Coley, Latisha Cooper, Shanel Crusoe, Gloria Daniels, Barbara Davis, Linda Hadley, Tabitha Hadley, Lori Hickman, Kelly McCluney, Diane, Moore, Karnette Roan, Vanessa Sanz, Consuela Smith, Andrea Windley-Scott

Section collage.jpg

Keeping the Vision Lifted...

With our mission always in mind, NCNW Brevard sprang into action participating in community service projects with Stone Magnet Middle School STEAM Night, Gopher Market Donation drive and the Red Ribbon Drug Prevention Campaign events.

Brevard County Section collage.png

...One Step at a Time

Throughout the pandemic, the Section continues to identify creative ways to keep Dr. Bethune’s vision lifted. Through virtual meetings, events, and social media challenges, NCNW Brevard is continually establishing its presence in Florida’s Space Coast.

Meet NCNW Brevard: What We Do
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